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Thursday, June 20, 2013

50 Days of Summer: Day 14

Jordyn is spending-the-night with cousin Maisie tonight. 
Baby Girl has been overly excited about this spend-the-night and from the sounds of it she is having a grand time. 
Aunt Amy took this photo of the girls doing their thing.


Bryan took Sydney on a date to the shooting range this afternoon. She has been waiting for a chance to go shooting and she finally got that chance today.
 I'm happy my girl got to experience something new and got some time alone with her daddy.

As you can see Syd took some selfies during the car ride.

Smile says it all...she had a great time!

Since we were down a kid and I had a coupon (keepin' it real) we headed out to El Ranchero for some yummy dinner. Hooray for no cooking!!

Not a bad little Thursday. Not bad at all. 

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