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Friday, June 28, 2013

50 Days of Summer: Day 22

Happy Birthday to my little brother Joey! 

Here are a few throwback photos of Joey. Some of you may have seen these pictures on Facebook today, but I thought I would post them again here for our family that isn't on Facebook.

Joey's 2nd birthday. 
 A little bum shot for the ladies. Also from his 2nd birthday. 
Must have been on heck of a party!

Around his 3rd birthday. 
 No caption needed. 

Extremely awesome. 

Here are a few from our birthday celebration tonight. 

 A smile! 

 Trying to jump over the floats. She didn't make it. 

 Team effort!

Hole in one!

He shoots, he scores. 

More party action tomorrow as we celebrate a certain little lady's upcoming birthday with a pool par-tay! 

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