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Sunday, July 7, 2013

50 Days of Summer: Day 31

We played a little catch up on things around the house today before Bryan is off on a 14 day whirlwind volleyball camp and coaching extravaganza. That means he is going to be one busy dude for the next 2 weeks straight. Like so busy he won't even have one day off! 

Since the catching up we had to do around the house is boring I have our last day of Disney pictures to share. Our last day at Disney was spent going back to the Magic Kingdom. We typically hit this park up twice every visit because there is that much to see and do there!

 Astro Orbiter...wee!

 Got her own rocket and everything. 

 My pilot!

 We have never seen the movie Lilo & Stitch, but there was no line so we took advantage. And while we are on the subject, the Jones family thinks they should take the Stitch ride out (it's lame!) and put something in that is somehow connected to Wreck-it-Ralph. Just sayin. 

 Push the Talking Trash Can!! 
We have heard about Push, but never seen him until this visit! 
We just happened to stumble up on him on our way to race cars. 

 The kids had a blast talking to Push. He was very funny. 

 This will be reality in just 6 short years. Oh dear. 

 Happy drivers. 

 Mad drivers. 

 A car full of trouble. 

 We loved Beasts castle for lunch so much we went back again. FYI...don't stand on these because they will ask you to get down. :) 

 Our lover of all things Princess. 

 Oh yes...it had to be done. Smooch!

That is Bryan belting out Part of Your World lyrics during the Little Mermaid ride for ALL to hear.



 Jordyn and Bryan

Yep, that's cousin Maisie who was visiting Disney World also. Our trips overlapped so we got the chance to meet up with the cousins for a few hours. It was so fun!

 Aunt Amy (Bryan's sister) and little Mickey. 
Oh wait, that's not Mickey it's cutie pie Ezra. 
 Now that is a fine looking group. 
Maybe we can/should Disney together at some point in the near future. :) 

 Little Pirates. 

 The End. 
Bye Bye Magic Kingdom. 

 We squeezed out the last bit of vacation at the pool. We had been there all of 10 minutes when someone threw up in the pool so they had to shut it down to clean it. Yah! 

 Last stop of the vacation was roasting marshmallows at the resort.


That's it. Our week at Disney. 
Kids keep asking when we are going again. Looks like Bryan and I will have to come up with more body parts to sell because I'm pretty positive there will be another trip to the Happiest Place On Earth next year. I may or may not have started looking at possible dates and such. 
We LOVE it that much!

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