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Friday, July 12, 2013

50 Days of Summer: Day 36

Today was Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-fil-a. We are a Chick-fil-a loving family...especially when it's FREE! The kids and I put on our best cow impressions and headed to a yummy breakfast.


 The bonus to the morning was we met up with our friends the Howe girls! Everyone was all decked out in their cow attire and looking mooverlous (yea, I just typed that). Chick-fil-a was pretty packed for breakfast and it was fun to watch everyone walking in with their versions of cow costumes. 


After breakfast we headed to the pool because y'all...it's FRIDAY!!! As we pulled into mom's driveway the overcast sky cleared up and we enjoyed a lovely day at the pool. Instead of showing you more pictures of the kids swimming I'll leave you with a few I snapped of Vivienne who came to enjoy the pool as well. 

 The water turned out to be a little too chilly for Vivi...darn rain! She enjoyed some swinging time with Cece while her mommy got to enjoy a little float around the pool. 

Isn't she a doll baby?!

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