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Saturday, July 20, 2013

50 Days of Summer: Day 44

I really should have spent the day cleaning my house because I won't lie, it is out. of. control. 

BUT our pool days are numbered since the start of school is just around the corner so while Bryan was at a volleyball camp all day the kids and I packed up and headed to the pool. The girls had fun playing "Mermaids" and Bryce spent the entire afternoon swimming sans floatie pack. Go Bryce!

After an afternoon of swimming I left the kids with my mom and headed home to get ready for date night! Bryan and I haven't had a date night in 2 weeks (I know my friend Lindsay is eye-rolling right now!) so we were really excited to get some time together. Bryan has been working so much lately the kids and I haven't seen him. He leaves before the kids get up and comes home after they are asleep. It's been crazy! 

We had a nice sushi dinner at Izumi's and then decided to check out the new Outlet Shoppes of Atlanta that just opened up on Thursday and let me add...seriously close to home! Hooray!

 He really is my favorite. 

After we got our shop on we headed to one more stop to make a very important purchase. A certain little someone has a birthday tomorrow and is in need of a bigger bike. Poor kid looks like a circus monkey riding around on such a tiny bike. 

Tomorrow is a big day!

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