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Sunday, July 28, 2013

50 Days of Summer: Day 50

Technically it's day 51, but who's counting?!

We ended our summer blog series with a little birthday party - Star Wars style. Family and friends joined us at the swamps of Dagobah (Cece's pool) for some Jedi fun. There was lots of swimming, food, desserts and good times going on. The force was definitely with us...especially since it didn't rain!

It's no secret that our kids have been crazy for Star Wars since last year's trip to Disney when we experienced Star Wars Weekend for the first time. Since then our kids have become quite the Star Wars fans, which has been fun for all of us. When I asked Bryce what type of birthday party he wanted this year he didn't hesitate with a response: STAR WARS! I loved his choice because it was really fun to plan for. I'm going to post pictures of the decor in another blog post so you don't have to scroll through those photos unless you want to.

A big thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate Bryce's 5th birthday with him. When we were packing up after the party to head home Bryce said, "Mom, this was the best birthday party ever". Music to my ears. I love making birthday's special for my babies. It's worth all the work.

On to the good stuff...the pictures! There are lots of them so enjoy. 

 Had to get one with cousin Maisie since she joined us for the pre-party. 


The masked man is Max!


 Pool's filling up with kids. 

 Dane is ready to shoot. 

 Jordy jumping with her besties. 

 Ashley doing a little float diving. 

 Cake time!

 It was that. much. fun. 

 Pinata time.

 Birthday boy takes a few swings a the "Death Star".

 Trey has serious consentration. 

 Go Ava!

 Maisie took some nice swings. 

 Dane got in some good shots. 

 Maybe Max should sign up for baseball? 

 Lisa showing the Death Star who's boss. 

 My girl Jordyn with a few nice shots. 

 Lauren's turn to give it her all. 

 Seriously - with form like that you know the hits will be impressive!

 Lefty takes a few swings. 

 Ashely comes in to finish off the Death Star!

 E-Ball and Vivi

The force is strong with this one. 

 Sweet Lexi

 Cousin is Ezra is on the move these days so it was hard to get a photo of him!

 Doesn't Hailey have a fabulous smile?!

 Pop brought a surprise for Jordyn. 

 Pretty positive she really likes it. 

 I had to, but I choose the Darkside background. 

 Present time! 

 Jordyn was so great and read the cards to Bryce. 

 Sydney was so helpful and kept track of the gift list for me. 

 Sweet!  A new helmet to go with his new bike. 

 By the time we finished gifts it was late and past bedtimes so we put Bryce on the vest while we finished cleaning and packing up the car. He was under the bucket with his new Darth Vader alarm clock because it lights up red. 

 There he is!

 This is what the car ride home looked like. I think this was a sign of a really good birthday. 

Thanks again to everyone that came out to celebrate with us.

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Victoria's Mom said...

The strange places our kids decide to take their treatments is awesome. I love the bucket picture. :D