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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Spring Soccer!

Spring soccer is in full swing. 
Sydney has already played in two tournaments since February. Last weekend her team played in the Ice Breakers tourney and ended up in 2nd place. Not too bad! Sydney played like I have never seen her play before. I mean I know she is my kid and all, but people...girl was on fire! In the 2nd game on the first day of play she took a wicked ball to the face right in front of me. You could hear it smack her face. It was such a hart hit that it knocked her down. I was seriously waiting for her nose or mouth to start bleeding, which thankfully didn't happen. My tough girl bounced up with a quivering lip and continued playing. I literally wanted to call my own mommy time out so I could give her a hug, but instead I sat there feeling so proud of her for being so darn tough. 

A few pictures from last weekend.

Regular season game play started this weekend. Sydney had an early morning game on Saturday. It was so darn cold! You guys know what a wuss I am about the cold. Add in the wind and it was most unpleasant, but the highlight of the cold morning was my girl scoring a SWEET goal! With the help of 2 other team mates the ball was passed perfectly to Sydney who booted the ball in the goal...with her right foot no less! After the goal she threw her arms in the air and immediately looked over to Bryan and I. Her little face was beaming. Makes all the effort getting her here and there worth it. I so wish I had it on video. Her team lost 2 to 1, but they played a pretty awesome game. It was so exciting, even in the freezing cold.

After Sydney's game finished we headed over to field 11 for Jordyn's first game!! Yep...Miss. Jordyn is playing soccer this season too in the rec U8 league. She is on the SWAT team and that is just what they did to the Blue Butterflies. They laid down the SWAT. ;) Haha. Her team won 2 to 1. The team only had 1 practice before their first game and I must say I was very impressed. Jo is loving soccer so far and even wrote me a note after the game telling me she loved it so much.

 New friends! 
This is one of my favorite things about team sports: the friendships that are formed. 

 This picture cracks me up. I don't know exactly what these two are doing. Sam is the little sister of Riley who plays on Sydney's team so it was nice that she already knew someone on her team.

There is no getting around it. 
I am a full on soccer mom (thankfully minus the minivan). 
I am loving it!

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BG said...

fabulous pictures!! The girls are really talented!!