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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Great Strides 2014!

Walk day has come and gone. I'd be lying if I said I'm not relieved to have the event off my plate! For months now I have been, let's be real, begging for donations for this years Great Strides walk. Money funds research and research produces new procedure and medications (like Kalydeco), which in turn prolongs lives, which includes Bryce. FUND-RAISING IS A BIG DEAL. 

When I first registered our team for our 6th year participating in the walk I literally thought to myself: 

We are going to have a really hard time raising money this year. 
It gets harder and harder every year. 

With this thought in mind I made our original team goal for the the walk $8000.00. 
I ended up bumping it to $10,000.00 in April because we had surpassed the $8000.00 mark.

Between Davis Elementary (Jar Wars Fundraiser), our CF skate night, and family and friends who gave generously I am so darn excited to report that we raised our largest amount EVER. 

Our efforts this year brought in $12,510.00!!! 

Y'all, seriously that is just amazing. I am completely blown away. Thank you so much to those that actively helped raise funds. Want to give them a little shout out because I think their efforts are worth recognizing. Lindsay Mullinax raised $650.00, Amy Allen raised $925.00 and my mom raised $925.00. Well done ladies! Bryan and I are so appreciative because we know first hand
raising funds isn't easy or all that fun.

The Atlanta walk brought in 1.66 million dollars, which is crazy awesome! The CF community across the nation is so passionate about making lives better for those living with CF. These people do not mess around. I've said it before and I'll say it again and again; the CFF doesn't receive federal funding. A little community doing very BIG things! We are proud to be part of it. 

Before I get to the pictures I have one more thing. I was wondering how much money our team has raised since our first walk in 2009. Team Bryce Bryce Baby has raised approximately $65,850.00. This includes the 2 years that Bryan's school participated in the Cure Finders program (program no longer in use). It does NOT include what the Pope Volleyball Team has raised and donated. 

Not too shabby people. Not too shabby!

 My guess is there were easily 3000 people at the walk! 


Thank you again for helping us reach our goal 
and making this year's walk a huge success. 
Love and hugs and stuff to all of you!

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