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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Schoooool's Out - For - Summer!

School is finally over! Sweet sweet summer has arrived.

As of writing this school has been out for a week. You would think I would have time to sit and write about the end of school, but alas that is not the case. It goes without saying that May was insanely busy. Anyone with school aged kids (especially if they are involved in sports) know just what I'm talking about. I'm so happy that the month is over and even happier that school is OUT!

After Memorial Day we had to go back to school through Thursday. Those last 3 days of school were packed full of events. I took a ton of pictures of course so I'll let the pictures so most of the talking.

Let's start with Jordyn's end of school events.

End of soccer party!

Awards breakfast at school.
This is Jordyn showing me some of the cool technology they use in class.

 Jordyn had a great year and earned lots of awards including the Citizenship Award. She also received the Future Idol Award which really surprised me. Apparently my girl like to get up in front of the class and songs! 

Peace out 2nd grade!

First day of 2nd grade ~ Last day of 2nd grade!

Next up let's take a look at Bryce's end of the year excitement.

 This is his teacher Mrs. Allison. 
Mrs. Debbie isn't pictured. So upset I forgot to get a picture with her. 
Mrs. Allison is the BEST. I can't say enough good things about her. She was so good with and for Bryce. She was loving, but also didn't let him get away with anything. On top of that he learned far more than I ever expected this year. I seriously wish we could take her with us to kindergarten. 

Bryce's buddy Bradan. 
It was like a little bro-fest in his class. 

First day of Pre-K ~ Last day of Pre-K!

Last but not least let's get to Sydney's end of the year celebrations. There were a few since our girl is officially finished with her elementary school career and will be heading off to MIDDLE SCHOOL come this fall. 

First up - end of spring soccer season. Not going to lie, I was happy when the season came to a close. I was in need of a serious break from soccer. Not so much watching her play because that is my favorite part, but from the going back and forth to practice and the driving to and from games.

 Why yes, that is Sydney in goal. Why they put her in goal is beyond me since she NEVER plays goal, but she did awesome. 9 attempts on goal and she saved 7 of them.


Next up Field Day.
 It was NOT warm and she was soaking wet from a water battle. 
I ended up going home to get her a change of clothes!

 Tug-of-war. They lost.

 5th grade neon party. They also had a 5th grade picnic, but I forgot to take pictures.

On the next to last day of school the 5th graders had their final walk through the school. All the kids and teachers line the hallways while the 5th grade takes their last walk around the school.
The final stretch of the walk was lined with 5th grade parents and family. 

Here comes our girl!

Isn't she lovely?

 She has some great friends.
I really hope she gets on a team with a few of them next year.

And because the final walk through wasn't enough that night we had the 5th grade honors program. (A fancy way of saying 5th grade awards). 
Sydney got a few awards: Fitness Gram, BNN (Boston News Network) and drum roll...her grades! Very proud of how she finished out the year. We had our share of battles, but in the end she made the effort, did most of the work and finished strong. 

Up on stage with her bestie - Victoria.  

 Bye-Bye Boston Elementary!

 Oh Jordyn...

 So proud of my beautiful little lady.

And for the heart-breaker. 
My baby girl on her first day of Kindergarten and on her last day of 5th grade. 
It truly flew by.


We picked the girls up early from school and took them to lunch at Steak N Shake, which is our last day of school tradition. 
So happy school is out and so happy summer is here!


Side note: Usually I do 50 Days of Summer, but I have to be honest and say I don't think I can keep up with it this year. Although our schedule is much slower than the spring we are still on the go a lot. I've decided to do a condensed version: 8 Weeks of Summer. On Saturday or Sunday I'll post what we have been up to for the week. So, you should have the first update coming up at some point this weekend!

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