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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Soccer Stars, A Dancing Queen and A Birthday Party

So much to cover so bare with me as I try to catch you guys up on what we have been up to the past several weeks. I'm going to try to keep this as brief as possible.


And go...

Let's start with soccer. All 3 kids are playing soccer so we spend a lot of time at the soccer fields. And when I say a lot...I mean like we are there All. The. Time. The kids love it and we love watching them play games on the weekends so the effort is definitely worth it. I do feel as though I have been living in my car the past few months. I do walk the complex (which is pretty big) during some of their practices so at least I'm getting in some exercise.

Bryce is playing on a pre-academy U8 team. He practices twice a week and plays a game each weekend. There have been a few weekends he has played 2 games. He is one of the younger boys on the team and clearly not as experienced as the older boys. This does not bother him in the slightest as he is just having a blast being on the field. Half the time he has no idea where the ball is since he will run and look over at us to smile or wave. I will say that since the beginning of the season he is doing a much better job at actually paying attention to the game instead of everything else going on around him.

 Yep...middle of the field with his head in his shirt. This is just before he pulled up the shirt over his head with his tummy glowing brightly for all to see.

And then there's this.
Poor kid.
Let's point out the positive: The form on that side kick is really good if this was karate class.

Jordyn is playing on a U10 rec team called the Blitz and they are a solid little team. The coach is awesome and the girls seem to really respond to him. The girls communicate on the field, they pass and set up plays, which I think is really impressive. They actually look around the field to see which  teammate is open instead of just blindly kicking the ball where ever. So far this season Jordyn has racked up 3 goals. She is enjoying soccer and has made some new friends so it's an all around win for her!

 Took this picture just before the rain set in and the game was cancelled.

 Look at my girl getting it!

 That my friends is a ball on it's way into the GOAL!!

Sydney is playing on a U12 academy team and has 4 practices a week (two of the practices are on the same night). She has played with several of the girls for years now. I LOVE watching Sydney play. She gives it everything she has on the field. She hustles, when she gets knocked down she is back up on her feet again before you can blink, she encourages her teammates and has a fantastic attitude. I am very proud of the type of player she is. 

On a side note from soccer. Sydney had a really great first quarter in middle school. She worked so hard and stayed on top of all of her school responsibility on her own. She is in all advanced classes which had me nervous that she would feel overwhelmed with school and soccer, but she handled it all like a professional! On her report card she brought home 5 high A's and 2 high B's. 
We are so proud of her!!

 Photo by Chuck Flagg..a fellow soccer parent who takes great photos of the girls.

 Photo by Chuck Flagg.
Photo by Chuck Flagg.

Sydney was so excited to go to her first school dance on Saturday October 11th. It was a homecoming dance for 6th, 7th and 8th graders. She ended up going with a couple of friends so we met up with them prior to the dance to take photos. Sydney had a blast so I'm sure this was just the first of many dances to come for us in the future. Seriously can't believe we are at the "going to dances" phase of this whole parenting thing.

Time to go!
But first...let us take a selfie...

Miss. Jordyn celebrated her 9th birthday on October 17th. Since we have such a crazy schedule it was really hard to pin point a time we could throw her a party. Turned out that the night of her actual birthday was the perfect time so we celebrated at Sky Zone with some of her school friends. She had such a fun party. All the kids (big and small) had a blast, especially Jordyn. I am not a huge fan of trampolines for some reason. I get nervous about falling off and breaking bones. Sky Zone is great because you can't fall off and it is very clean so I felt okay letting Bryce run free. I did cringe with him going into the foam pit a million times, but he was having too much fun not to let him do it.

 Isn't she awesome?!

 Oh look! Sydney is about as flexible as her mom, which isn't saying much. 

 The "big kids" were having fun playing dodge ball. 

 And this big kid. Yea, the one that teaches elementary PE. Well he was having so much fun playing dodge ball he may or may not have made a few kids cry. Of course not on purpose, but still. He was even asked by the teenage Sky Zone worker to not throw the ball so hard. 

 Mae is a flipping machine. 

 She gets points for working the camera. 

 Jump, shoot and SCORE!

 His cuteness. Too much. 

 Best Cousins. 

 We sure do love the Howe girls!

 Jordyn told the lady at Publix exactly what she wanted on her cake and they did a great job!

Hard to believe that our BABY girl is NINE!

It was Friday when I started this post and here we are at Sunday already. Since then we have had 2 spend-the-nights, 3 soccer games and one sick kid. Bryce is our man down and I knew it was coming too. He has been tired and whiny since Thursday. He took a long nap after school on Friday. He did play soccer on Saturday morning, but by the afternoon I got a call from my mom while we were at Sydney's soccer games saying he was throwing up and had a 101.5 fever. He has had a cough since we came back from Disney which was over a month ago and this is with 3 weeks of antibiotics. I'm slightly concerned, but he goes to clinic on November 3rd. We are going to monitor him this morning and decide if we need to go to the urgent care later today. Please pray that Bryce feels better and can get rid of this cough. I hate when he is sick. There are times when I let my mind wander into worst case scenarios and I have to bring myself back from there really quick. It doesn't do me or Bryce any good to dwell on the what-if's. I tend to get a little nervous when my boy is sick. I think that is only normal though. 

And can y'all believe October is almost over? I mean in just a few short weeks I'm going to be busting out the Christmas decorations!! 

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