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Sunday, December 14, 2014

She Shoots...

She scores! 

I should have kept shooting because it looks like the keeper blocked the shot, but not so...Sydney scored today (she is wearing the number 11 jersey)! I was so excited when I saw the ball going in the goal I stopped shooting and started yelling!

We have been enjoying a much slower schedule since Thanksgiving, which has been so very nice. As you can see from the pictures Sydney is still playing soccer. Right now she is playing for her middle school team...E.T. Booth. The middle school schedule is not nearly as demanding as her club ball so that has been nice. Only one practice during the week and one game on Saturday and Sunday. 

 No worries if you tower over my girl...

 She's got it. 
No fear at all - my girl is tough!

Other than that we have been kicking it at home soaking up the down time. The house feels warm and cozy all decorated for Christmas, which we are really looking forward too. 

Christmas celebrations start this week at school and we have our first family Christmas gathering next weekend. 

Hooray for Christmas!!

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