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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Catch Up To Spring


It's already April and we are in the midst of our crazy spring schedule. You can tell by my lack of posts on here. I haven't had much time at all to sit down and catch you guys up on what my crew has been up to. To be honest, I have had a few moments here and there, but during those rare moments I watched Breaking Bad on Netflix and now I have moved on to Parenthood.

Way back in mid February soccer season started for Miss Sydney. The season didn't waste anytime getting started. They had a week of practice and then BAM they played in their first tournament of the season. The girls have a new head coach this season and I am so excited about it. This guy in one week had the girls looking like a completely different team. I am super excited to see how this season goes. So far it's been amazing. 
(The below 5 photos were taken by Chuck Flagg - "fellow parent and team photographer").


 Cherokee Impact Academy U12 Spring Season

Great group of girls and coaches!

We had a few weeks of soccer and then we were "blessed" with some snow! As much as I hate cold weather and snow I have to admit it was welcomed because we got to take a little reprieve from our schedule, which was nice. The other reason to like the snow is so we can take those obligatory snow pictures. You know the picture where you spend more time getting everyone ready to go out in the snow than you do actually staying outside in the snow!!


We helped Uncle Jay celebrate his 28th birthday. The baby of the bunch is 28! Goodness that is so nuts to type and makes me feel slightly old. We had a yummy dinner and ate some delicious cake if I do say so myself. Jay requested a chocolate fudge cake with 3 layers and I delivered. I enjoyed making it for him and it might have been my best tasting cake to date!


Before we knew it soccer season started up for Jordyn and Bryce, which meant that we spend our entire weekend at the soccer fields. Holy cow the schedule can be crazy, but the crazy week of rushing to get from school and to and from practice is worth it on the weekends when I get to cheer my babes on from the sidelines. I could watch them play soccer games all day err day. I just love watching them! If anyone is ever looking for something to do on a weekend I know 3 kids that love a cheering squad on the sidelines! 

 (By Chuck Flagg)
 (By Chuck Flagg)
Sometimes I wonder where these other teams are getting their 11 and 12 year-old-girls from!!

 This was in the middle of a game. 


My last and most important information in this post is...

It's time once again to gear up for Atlanta Great Strides. Team Bryce Bryce Baby will be representing for our SEVENTH year!! I made a lofty goal of $10,000 and I am in desperate need of help reaching this goal. We are just half way there and the walk is right around the corner. PLEASE HELP US!! The walk is on May 16th down in Atlanta on the GA Tech campus and we would love to have some if not all of you fine people reading this join us (and raise funds). If you can't join us that is okay...we will gladly take your money!! Donations can be made by clicking HERE to go to our fundraising page. Davis Elementary already pulled through for us with $3800.00 raised in their Jar Wars fundraising campaign. Bryce even played hookie from school the Friday before the fundraiser started so he could demonstrate how he does his vest to all the kids in the school.

Thanks for hanging in there with me on the blog. I've got Easter fun coming to you soon!! 

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