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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

8 Weeks of Summer: Week 4

How is it that we are half way through summer already? 

Warning: This blog is full of pictures...lots of them!

As usual we kept things busy. Bryce and Jordyn had vacation bible school this week. Our "little" Sydney has aged out so she went with Bryan to volleyball on Monday and Wednesday. Tuesday night we met up with a couple from our small group for dinner since their littles were attending VBS as well. The kids went Monday - Wednesday, but didn't make it the next 2 nights because we had plans. 

 Crazy hat and glasses night. 

 Crazy big hair night. Jordyn's hair is a Pinterest fail of Minnie Mouse ears, but it still looked cute. The tutorial I watched was not nearly as easy as they made it look!

Thursday after lunch we headed to Six Flags. This was Bryce's first trip so he was pretty pumped. I wish I could tell you guys really awesome things about Six Flags, but I don't have many to say. Yep...they have some thrilling wild rides, but that's about it. The place is so dirty and run down. It was hot hot hot, which just made everything feel that much grimier. Is that a word? BUT, even with my negative review the kids had a blast. Bryce's favorite rides were Georgia Cyclone and Mind Bender. Jordyn loved the Georgia Scorcher and Sydney loved Goliath, which she rode 2 times in a row since Bryan and I did a rider swap. That's pretty boss if you ask me. Y'all my age is showing because hands down the most enjoyable ride for me was the Log Flume. Ha!

 Too short to ride Georgia Scorcher so we took selfies. 

 Yep. Bryan rocked a fanny pack all day. Dare I say that it was actually pretty handy.

Smell ya later Six Flags!

Friday we headed to the pool of course. It was a lovely little day at the pool. The Twins (Erin and Chrissi) and their little girls joined us as well as the Mullinax boys. It was such a nice afternoon catching up with my sweet friends. The kids spent-the-night with Cece, which freed Bryan and up to join Joey, Katie and friends for his birthday dinner. Little brother turned 37! 

I love these goobers so much. We had the best time hanging out together. 
 And this girl...she is so fun and the entire family has fallen in love with her.

Saturday was supposed to be Sydney's 12th birthday party, but all week the weather called for storms so at the last minute we switched the party to Sunday. Of course it never did any major storming on Saturday, but having the party on Sunday worked out better because more of the girls were able to make it. Sydney ended up having 26 kids show up! We had an absolute blast celebrating Sydney's upcoming 12th birthday. I still have an 11-year-old for 4 more days so I have to soak up the remaining time.

 This picture perfectly represents my dad. He is always bringing the laughs. 

These ladies, all 4 of them are some of the sweetest I know. 

 My beautiful Little Lady. 

My beautiful Baby Gril. Her little fish print swim suit is seriously cute. 

 Best cousins. 

Y'all - they fell for it AGAIN!!
I caught 1 out of 4 smiling. Not bad!

Syd plays soccer with Miss. Riley.
She made that gift herself. So cute!

I went to high school with Lauren's mom so I think it's pretty
 neat that our girls play soccer together now. 

Syd has been playing with Genevieve for years now and let me tell y'all...
she is a beast in the goal. 

 The Howe Girls. 
Ashely, Lauren and Lisa are no strangers to the blog. Been friends with these girls for years now and will be for years to come. Some of the sweetest girls we know. 

Sydney met Morgan in 6th grade and they became fast friends. Just so happens that Morgan plays soccer too. What's even better is that she is playing on Sydney's team for the upcoming year.

Syd plays soccer with Kiley and she is just the cutest girl. She comes across so quiet, but let me tell you...she's not!

These girls have been friends for years. They started playing soccer together and ended up going to school together. (And they are both Nerds). Morgan, Victoria and Sydney have been joined at the hip all year. 

These two have been buddies since they started playing soccer together way back in the day. They also go to school together. Oh and Olive is Victoria's twin. I had to point it out because they look nothing alike!

Happy Unicorns! Erin was on Sydney's very first soccer team and they have been friends ever since. 
Erin plays Tennis now and they don't go to the same school, but that doesn't stop them for staying in touch and being great friends. 

Syd and Cameron play the soccers together. She is a super friendly girl. She can also boot the ball down the field.

Jamie is another one of Sydney's teammates and she is lightening fast! 
I mean like really fast.

Syd and Olivia have been playing soccer together for years now. 
Sometimes it's hard for the parents to tell them apart on the field.

Yep, another soccer friend. Jules and Syd have played together for a while now. Julia is really good at scoring goals. They are also in the same Sunday School class. 
This girl is funny and she takes names on the soccer field. 
 I feel bad for anyone who gets in her way. She's all business.

Soccer teammates and they play the same position. 
Both are the lefties on the team.

Maggie is such a sweetheart. The girls go to school together and play soccer together.  
She's the boss on defense!

Thank you to everyone for coming to celebrate with Sydney. 
Large amounts of fun were had by all. 
Sydney said that even though she says this after every party, she really felt like "this was her best party yet". 
Until next year at least!

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