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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Lucky Number 7

Happy Birthday to my Bryce!! 

 The baby of our crew is 7 today and I can hardly handle it. As I'm typing this we were in the OR hearing the words, "It's a BOY". Bryan is all fist pumps and dude stuff and I was like...a boy? Can you put him back?  

Thinking back about that moment makes me smile. How little did I know how amazing having a little boy would be. I wouldn't "put him back" for anything in the world! Bryce is one of the happiest people I know. He loves life and he loves being around people. Doesn't matter who, doesn't matter their age, doesn't matter what's going on as long as there are people around he is pumped. He literally gets excited about everything. Okay, maybe the one thing he does not get excited about is walking up Kennesaw Mountain. Ha!

Our plans to celebrate our boy and his special day include breakfast, hair cuts for the boys, a movie and pool time. This is also our last family day of summer. Bryan heads out of town tomorrow for sand volleyball nationals through the weekend and starts back to work on Monday. Boo. 

Eek!! Looks at my sweet little girls. 



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