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Monday, October 26, 2015

October Catch Up

Okay - bear with me as this post may be long. I'll try keep my words short and just share the gazillion pictures I have taken over the past 2 weeks. As usual we have been BUSY. I know you guys probably get sick of me saying that, but busy is how we do. 

Let's go back to Jordyn's birthday weekend. On Friday October 16th we celebrated Jordyn's double digits with a party at Jumping World (a trampoline park). The party was a blast and seemed to be over as fast as it started. We pretty much had the place to ourselves, which was fabulous.

 Y'all...Bryan is almost doing a split! 

 This is one precious group of girls. 





Cece and Jo before the party. My mom was super sweet and stayed home from the party with Bryce who had strep throat. 


The next morning, which was Jordyn's actual birthday we were off and running early. We had 4 soccer games that day in 3 different locations. My mom took Bryce to his game. Bryan took Jordyn to her two games in Milton and I drove Sydney out to her game in Duluth.

The games were fairly early so we were all back home by 2:00, which is unusual for us on a Saturday. Early games allowed us to plan a last minute family get together to celebrate Jordyn!

 She finally got a tumbling mat!!

 Bryce played in this box for at least 2 hours. 

 You're going to TAYLOR SWIFT!!


Sunday the 18th we were off and running again with 4 soccer games in 3 different places. You know...having all the games in one place would just be boring! Bryan had beach volleyball tryouts so that made things tricky. My mom was a champ and took Bryce to his game in Roswell and then from there she booked it back to our home fields for Jordyn to play another two games back-to-back. I took Sydney to her game way out in Vila Rica.


This past weekend was another jam packed weekend. We started off with a make up game for Sydney on Friday night. The girls lost this game 1 to 0, BUT it was the absolute best playing out of them this season. The team they played has been crushing the other teams in the division so the fact they held them to 1 goal was awesome. It was a very exciting game. 

Saturday morning we were up early...and I mean early. Bryce had to be at the fields at 7:30 for team pictures and had a game at 8:00. I haven't gotten to see Bryce play many games this season so I was super excited to watch him play. This was Bryan's first time getting to see him play all season. Little guys playing soccer is good entertainment. 

 He loves playing keeper. I wish he didn't. That position is too stressful!!

 From there we were off to Jordyn's game out in Roswell. The girls lost 3 to 2, which was a bummer because they were definitely the stronger team. Jordyn played forward the whole game and the only time they subbed her out was after she took a spill over another player. She needed a moment to compose herself. ;)

After soccer we rushed home to get Jordyn ready to go to the TAYLOR SWIFT concert and to get Sydney ready for her homecoming dance. What a big night for both girls! Jordyn's friends Maggie and Mallory (twins) gave her a ticket to see Taylor Swift with them for her birthday. How awesome is that gift? Jordyn had an absolute blast. Atlanta had several events going on that night so traffic coming home was crazy. She walked in the door at 1:30 am!! 

Sydney spent the evening at her homecoming dance. She went with her friends Morgan and Hannah, which are the same girls she went with last year. All 3 girls looked beautiful. We met up in downtown Woodstock to snap pictures of the girls before the dance.  While our girls were out having fun, my mom was with Bryce, which allowed Bryan and I celebrate that 14th anniversary we forgot earlier in the week. Ha! 

Since both girls had a late night we decided to watch church via the Internet on Sunday to let them sleep in. After lounging around in our pajamas for a while I decided it was a perfect time to take some family photos for our Christmas cards. We were a family on a mission and knocked out the pictures in record time. Impressive I tell you. After our picture whirlwind we got ready for soccer and headed to the home fields to watch BOTH girls play a game. It's a treat that they both had games at the home fields as that doesn't happen often. Actually - this was the first time all season. Cece, Honey and Papa were also at the game to cheer the girls on. Grandparents must be good luck because BOTH girls ended up scoring!! Not a bad way to end a weekend!

 Jordyn is extremely accurate with her passes and has a mean right kick. 


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