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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Spring Break 2016: Straight Outta Disney part 3

We were up very early Friday morning. We had 8:30 breakfast reservations at The Tusker House in Animal Kingdom plus we had to pack the car. Keep in mind we can't really pack the car until Bryce finishes his vest and we had to catch a bus to the park so yea...it was a very early morning. I'm thinking we probably won't do the whole visit a park before we leave idea again. Or at least not make 8:30 reservations. Live and learn!

The good news is we made it to breakfast BEFORE our reservations, which gave us time to take some solo shots in front of the Tree of Life.  After a yummy breakfast we were off to use up our 3 fast passes. (If you enjoy a good breakfast and dining with characters then Tusker House is a great breakfast to book.) The plan was to leave after we did our 3 favorite AK attractions, but we ended up staying much longer because we were having so much fun. We did the safari, Everest twice, Festival of the Lion King (Jordyn was the representative for the Lion section!), met a few characters, ate lunch at Flame Tree BBQ and rode Primeval since Bryce had never ridden it. Next thing you know it was 4:00 and we were still in the park!

 Tree of Life all to themselves!

 Sydney and Jordyn waited all trip to see Daisy.

 We always wait to see these guys. They are fun to interact with. King Louie is one of Jordyn's favorites so he always loves the fact that she has his pin on her lanyard. We need to get her a Baloo pin because he always feels left out. 

 Oh my dear beautiful Baby Girl. Why do you keep growing? 

 Beware of the Yeti!

 So weird...it started snowing. 

 This is a regular occurrence so not sure why they are so surprised. xoxo

 Definitely a Hot Dad of Disney World right here. 

Look at my girl. She is just so very lovely.

By the time we got back on the bus and back to our car, which we had to repack so we could actually get in it we were on our way to the beach. A quick trip to the beach was not in the original plans, but about two months ago I was like we should visit the beach on the way home since we don't have any soccer games. So I looked at the map and randomly picked a beach that wasn't too far from Orlando and not Daytona Beach. St. Augustine seemed pretty booked so we ended up going to New Smyrna Beach, which is just below Daytona. We loved it! Turns out that New Smyrna is the "shark capital of the world". Thankfully we didn't encounter any sharks. Cars are allowed on the beach, which Bryan wasn't a big fan of, but I thought it was kind of fun because it seemed old school. Probably not a good idea for families with little kids that like to dart off without looking. We spent all day Saturday on the beach and the kids enjoyed every minute of it. It was chilly and very windy in the morning, but after lunch it warmed up and the wind died down making for a relaxing day. Around 5:00 we headed in to get ready for dinner to discover that we were all pretty burnt. We did use sun screen, but clearly didn't reapply enough. Way to go mom and dad!

 Early morning sunrise from our balcony.

 Here comes the sun...

 Comparing shells. 

 All American girl.

 Fly little bird. 

 Well hellooo Mr. Jones. 

 Wait for me!!

 Bryan took this one. Great capture.

We need to work on our synchronized jumping!

And just like that the day was over. We took our crispy selves to dinner and then back to the room to rest up for our drive home. The drive home from vacation is always a little depressing, but I will admit it is nice to be home sleeping in my own cozy bed. There are 6 weeks left in the school year, which are typically some of the busiest weeks of the year for us. There is SO MUCH going on it's hard to keep track, but the fact that our schedule is jam packed from now until then means the weeks will fly by. 

I am very thankful for the fun time away with my family and look forward to the next time we can vacation...whenever that will be. I feel like the time with my babes is rapidly moving along so these family trips together mean the world to me. 

OH - and a quick update on Bryce...

Bryce finished up his Tobi cycle on April 2nd...the night before we left on spring break. How's that for timing?! We headed down to CHOA on Wednesday April 13th for a swab. Should take about 5 days to see what grows. My prayers are that we get a call that the culture is clear...or at the very least Pseudomonas free. Thank you to everyone who has prayed for him the past month, texted and called to check on him.

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