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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Beach Bums.

When the opportunity to take a trip to the beach presented itself to us we jumped on it. It took a little bit to coordinate dates that worked with the condo and our schedule, but we managed to find 4 days worked. We left on Thursday right after Sydney's last night of soccer tryouts so we didn't arrive until 1:30 in the morning. This gave us Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the beach. We were in the Seagrove/Seaside area in Florida, which if you haven't been there it is absolutely beautiful. 

Three glorious full days on the beach. The weather was perfect and the water was stunning. I couldn't get over how clear the water was. We had the best (most relaxing) time and the kids had an absolute blast. People...the kids got along and played together the entire time. Amazing! We could not have asked for a better trip. We would get up, eat breakfast and then head to the beach for the rest of the day. We ate dinner in Seaside one night, drove to the outlets in Sandestin for dinner and shopping another night and then ordered pizza our last night so we could clean the condo. Reluctantly we headed home Monday morning, but only after a delicious breakfast at The Donut Hole and another quick stop by the outlets.

Friday Fun. 
I didn't lug my big camera to the beach that day so there aren't a lot of pictures from Friday.
 Bryan and I would move here in a hot minute if we thought the grandparents would be okay with it. 
Maybe one day...

 My boys at dinner Friday night. We waited an hour-and-a-half for a table and it was so worth it!


Saturday Fun. 

 We almost had the beach to ourselves on Saturday. 
It was heavenly. 

 Beach cannonballs. 

 That my friends is the face of "sand burn". 
I forgot to bring a rash guard for Bryce.

Her face!!

 Bryan and his beauties. 


 The beach was packed on Sunday. 
Thankfully Bryan set up our spot early enough that we got some prime property. There were people set up on each side of us and right behind us.


 How fantastic is this?! 
She was doing a back walkover and my timing was perfect!

A nice lady offered to take our picture...hooray! We got a group shot on the last day. 

Sunday evening I attempted some family beach photos.


 Beach Dab. 

 I absolutely love this photo. 

 And this one...

Note to self: Bring a tripod next time. 
A lady walking the beach was kind enough to take a few photos, but they all came out blurry. 
This was the clearest one.

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