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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Party Number 13!

On July 2nd, the day before Sydney's official 13th birthday we celebrated the special occasion with family and friends by the pool.

This is always a fun party and the girls have a blast. It's also wild to see how much the girls have grown over the past years. The better description these days would be young ladies.



 Back flippin. 

13 candles for 13 years. 

 How cute is this sign that Honey painted for Syd's room? 

 Papa and Honey

 Cousin Mae-Z

 The Miller Girls. Two of the cutest and sweetest girls I know. 

 Miss. Carley. A fellow lefty.

Cameron with the beautiful smile.

Erin. Syd and Erin go way back. A fun friendship!

 The darling Genevieve. Don't let her sweet smile fool you. She is a beast of a goalie.

 Jamie. Bryan likes to add in her middle name while cheering her on at soccer games. Go Jamie Faye!

 Hannah. These girls met in 6th grade and became fast friends. 

Lauren. Fun fact: Her mom and I went to middle and high school together. It's been fun having our girls play on the same soccer team. 

 Miss. Julie. We've been playing the soccers with Julie since Sydney moved to Academy play.

 Morgan. The bestie. We adore this girl!

 Maggie Mags. How adorable is this girl? 

  Miranda. We are a little envious of Miranda's gorgeous smile. She already got her braces off!

"The Blonde Bunch" 
I've spend many of days in the car going to and from soccer with these cuties. 

 I am so thankful that Sydney has these girls in her life. It's been fun watching these girls grow up together. 

Thank you to all these beautiful young ladies for celebrating Sydney's birthday with her. She had a blast with you as usual.

Sydney's actual 13th birthday was on July 3rd.
We headed back to the pool to celebrate with our family. She got to open her gifts from Bryan and I as well. We wrapped up 13 gifts for 13 years. Before anyone says...WHAT? 13 gifts?! They were pretty low key items. I thought it would be fun to open 13 gifts so I went with it.

Bryan ordered this shirt for Syd. So fitting.

Reppin' USA soccer.

 She's been asking for it.
So she got some make up. She gets a lesson on how to apply it as well.
And it's not for everyday use because let's be real...she just doesn't need it.
I'm a fan of showing off one's natural beauty and she has plenty of it.

 And the last gift she opened.
Permission to have Snapchat.
Technology is a parenting pain in the _ _ _!

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