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Friday, December 30, 2016

November Stuff!

Let's rewind back to November. 

The month started off with the last weekend of regular season game play for soccer. 

 Sydney finally had the chance to ref some games, which she gets paid for. Heck yea! 

We escaped to Dahlonega  with my parents to eat at The Smith House and visit Babyland General on Election Day. I voted early so I was definitely on board for getting away from the news and such for the day. 

These are the dolls my dad bought each girl when they were 3 years old. 
They made the trip too so they could visit their birth place. 

The very next evening we went to see Santa. You guys know I love to go see Santa early in the season. Sydney asked for a butterfly knife. Bryce asked for a Millennium Falcon Lego set and Jordyn asked Santa to surprise her. The picture we bought didn't scan well into the computer so these are a few of the ones I took.

"Surprise me"

Bryce and Jordyn's soccer teams both competed in the Impact Premier Cup mid November. Of course Bryce and Jordyn's games were at 2 different locations so I didn't get any photos of Bryce playing. We spent the weekend driving back and forth between the two fields. While we were driving all over Sydney spent the weekend reffing several games since she was off that weekend. She was the AR for a game where a parent was being a huge jerk to the 13-year-old center ref. Turns out that his behavior was so bad they called a hearing with Georgia Soccer to reprimand him. Sydney was called to the hearing as a witness, but she was on an overnight field trip and couldn't make it. She had to send in a written statement about what happened. People please note that this was a game for u10 boys. 
Parents can get crazy!! Don't be THAT parent! 

At any rate...Jordyn's team ended up winning their age division even though they lost one game. It was a very exciting weekend for her and her team. I don't think her team gets enough credit sometimes, but they are pretty solid little team. They only had maybe 4 loses the entire regular season. Well done ladies!



Next on the November schedule was Bryce's last clinic of the year. It was just an okay clinic. Bryce's PFT numbers (lung function) were down to 84%, which is still considered normal range, but low for him. Although his numbers were down there were no signs of respiratory issues what-so-ever. I personally feel like he had an off day on his technique and he wasn't super focused. Since then we added 3 to 4 Albuteral puffs before each vest treatment and we are really riding him on remembering to do his huff coughs between vest cycles. If his numbers aren't up in February I am sure they will add something new to our daily regime. His weight went up a pound and his height a half inch so that put him at 55% BMI, which they love anything over 50%. I am very hopeful things will improve at our February 2017 clinic.

The next exciting event of the month was my 41st birthday. Not sure exciting is the right word to describe the day, but none-the-less I got cookie cake so that makes everything okay. Also - I wear my white puffy vest pretty much all the time because I love it and it's so warm so I might have it on in all my pictures. 


Every year after Thanksgiving we buy our tree and decorate it together while we listen to Christmas jams. I loved our tree this year. It was the perfect shape and size. 

 The first 3 ornaments of the year! 

If you're still with me I saved some of the most exciting news for last although I'm sure everyone knows at this point. My brother Joey and his lovely wife Katie are expecting a baby!! Little Baby Carter is due July 10th and I am seriously so pumped about having another niece or nephew to love. They aren't finding out the sex so everyone will have to wait until the big day for the big reveal! 

This catches everyone up to the end of December. Bryce is currently on "down time" for soccer. There really is no down time for the girls. Sydney went to her first college ID camp and absolutely loved the experience. Sydney's team is still training once a week and are playing in the Atlanta Showcase tournament in January. Both girls are doing a skills camp each week and both girls are playing on indoor teams to keep them moving during the "off season". I'm still waiting on final grades to be released for report cards. I have all of Jordyn's grades - all A's one again. Not all of Sydney's grades have been released, but I'm assuming it will end up as 5 A's and 2 B's. Bryce doesn't get letter grades yet, but academically he kills it. 

I'm going to keep enjoying our slower paced schedule while I can. Once February rolls around it's back to our jam packed crazy schedule through May. 

Happy New Year family and friends! 
Here's to 2017!

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