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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

School's Out For SUMMER!

My favorite time of the year is finally here. In order to get to this point in the year we had to endure the insanity that is the month of May. I know that May is a crazy month for everyone, especially if you have kids. School wrapping up, spring season of sports wrapping up and then throw in a side of moving and oh my goodness it was nuts around here.I already posted about end of season soccer stuff so this post is about the end of school festivities. 

Let's start with Mr. Bryce! 

First up, field day.

Then there was awards day. Bryce did amazing academically. He ended the year with all O's (outstanding) in reading, writing, language arts and math. Bryce won't get number grades until next year, but basically all O's means all A's. If they handed out grades for taking and not sitting still he would get A's in those classes as well! Pretty sure I say that every year, but it is the truth! His teacher was a gem this year and was a perfect fit for him. She gave out her own awards and presented him with the "King of Questions" award while his class voted him "Class Comedian". I got a chuckle out of these because they are very accurate!

Right after his awards I checked Bryce out of school so we could head down to CHOA for his quarterly clinic. Bryce has blood draws at least once a year and usually May clinic is when he has this done. As usual he handed this like a champ. He had an amazing clinic visit. His BMI was at 66%, he blew the highest PFT numbers to date and overall he is kicking some CF booty. While at clinic he did a trial run on hyper-tonic saline and he handled it well so that "med" has now been rolled into his daily routine. He does the saline twice a day through the neb while he is on the vest after he takes his Albuterol. 

Finally the last day of school rolled around for Bryce. Technically it was a the 2nd to last day of school because we decided to skip the last day, but for good reason!
First Day August 2016 and Last Day May 2017
Since we headed out to clinic right after his awards day I had Bryce take a few photos with his awards certificates on the last day of school. Great job Bryce on a fantastic 2nd grade year. Bryce will be going to a new school in the fall so we had to say goodbye to our beloved Boston. We LOVE Boston and hope that we come to love Bascomb just as much.


Next we have Miss Jordyn! 
Since this was her last year of elementary school there were several fun events planned for the kiddos. 

First fun event was field day. 
The day after field day the entire 5th grade class took a tour of Booth Middle. Afterward they headed to a local park for a class picnic.

The 5th grade lip sync battle was the next fun event. Oh my goodness it was so fun to watch. Technically parents weren't invited, but there was NO WAY I was missing it. Jordyn and her friends did a song together. I took a video, but like an idiot I filmed it sideways so here is the entire battle that the teachers recorded. If you scroll to the 40:20 mark you will see the girl's routine. 


There was a class BBQ too, but I was helping set up and stuff hotdogs/hamburgers during the event so I didn't take any photos. Finally the hotdog stuffing skills I mastered working at the skating rink all those years paid off. Ha!!

The last day of school rolled around for Jordyn, which included awards and the final 5th grade walk. Like I said with Bryce, technically this was the 2nd to last day of school, but since Jordyn was having her final walk we decided to end school on that note. Plus, Sydney had her final 8th grade walk on the actual last day of school and I wanted Jordyn and Bryce to be there for that.

First day of Kindergarten. First day of 5th grade August 2016. Last day of 5th grade May 2017. 

Jordyn was recognized for several achievements. I have to mention that she made straight A's all year long. On her final report card she didn't have a grade under a 95. This lovely girl is self-motivated and self-disciplined when it comes to her school work. She also received the Presidential Fitness Award. Jordyn was part of the BNN (Boston News Network), Jr. National Beta Club and she was a school ambassador. We are so proud of you Jordyn!

The kids are singing here before the awards and of course there is a slide show that went with their singing if you care to watch it! You can't hear them singing here, but you can see the slide show.

Something funny was said between these two. Wish I could have seen her face!

After the awards there was another slide show. It's about 13 minutes if you want to watch. I'm mainly adding it here so I can easily find it down the road if I need to. 

And then...


And tons of pictures with the wonderful friends made at Boston!
 Jordyn and the twins (two sets)!

 Bye-bye Boston!! Thank you for all the great memories. 

Now for Miss. Sydney, who finished up her last year of middle school. 
Yea. I said last year of middle school.

Parents can't come to field day in middle school unless they volunteer to help and well, I didn't want to do that so I was able to get one picture from Sydney via text. "Lake Arrowhead" won field day so hence why the girls are holding up W's.
Fun fact: Both of my girls are good friends with twins (Jordyn is good friends with TWO sets of twins)! This is Victoria and Olivia. Sydney met them years ago through soccer and then ended up going to elementary and middle school with them. 

There isn't a ton of fun at the end of the year once you get in middle school because your last days are spent taking finals. Not only did Sydney take finals she had to take an EOC (end of course) for one of the high school classes she was taking so she spent the last few weeks of school studying! On the last day she had a morning final and then she participated in the Eagle Walk, which is where all the 8th graders walk from the middle school over to Etowah (they share a campus).

First day of 8th grade. Last day of 8th grade. 


 Can you spy Sydney?!

 This is the class of 2021!! That's a BIG class!

Sydney had a great year. She took 2 high school classes this year so she is already a little ahead of the game. She ended the year with all A's and one B. The B was an 89...so close! I am so proud of the way she handled her school and soccer along with my constant nagging! Her schedule can be a bit demanding, but she navigated it well. Finding a balance between school, soccer and social life isn't always easy, but she has done a wonderful job. Now my beautiful girl is off to HIGH SCHOOL. 
Can y'all believe this?! 

After Sydney's walk was over we headed to Steak N Shake for our end-of-year tradition: fries, milkshakes AND steak burgers!

9th, 6th and 3rd grade we are coming for you, but first...


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