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Monday, August 14, 2017

First Day of School ~ 2017!

I know, I know. It's the start of the 3rd week of school and I am just now getting around to posting first day of school pictures. Everything is back to business around here and we are somewhat settling into our crazy schedule. 

This was a big school year for us. All of our kids are now in different schools, which means they get up and leave at different times. The mornings are now a whirlwind of activity and once the last walks out the door I feel like I should be finished for the day. 

First up and first out the door is Bryce. Bryce is in 3rd grade this year and he is at a new school, Bascomb. His teacher is Mrs. Bell, who is also new to Bascomb, but not new to teaching. For years she was at Davis, which is where Bryan teaches so it was nice to see a familiar face on the first day of being at a new school. Mrs. Bell is familiar with Bryce's medical background so this has helped ease my mind on sending him to a new school.


Before I move on to the girls I have to share this interesting story with y'all...

The first Thursday evening of the school year I am walking around a store while the kids are at the soccer fields. I get a phone call and much to my surprise it's the principal from Bryce's school. She was calling to inform me that there is another child with CF in the school!!!


The lead nurse for our county is the one who caught this when she was going through the 504's.  Kudos to her for knowing this is definitely an issue. Bryce and the other child are not in the same grade, but they are close enough in age/grade that this will be something we have to work around as the kids move up in grades, including middle and high school. The school has been AMAZING in how they are handling this unique situation. I was very impressed with how seriously they took everything and how accommodating they are being to both kids. The other family was open to us knowing who they are so the mom and I met for lunch last week to talk about our CFers and get to know each other. Between us and the school I think we will do a great job of keeping our kids protected and healthy as possible. But seriously...how crazy, right?!

Sydney is the next one up and out the door. Syd is a freshman in high school this year. She is officially an Etowah Eagle. Bryan and I have a high schooler. Isn't that nuts?! She has a club or two she is interested in joining, but I think she is most looking forward to hopefully making the soccer team come spring. 

Jordyn is the last one up and out the door. She is now a middle schooler! She is in 6th grade at E.T. Booth. I wasn't nearly as nervous the second time around with this middle school thing. Jo is a good student so I know she is going to soar in middle school. She has a list of clubs she wants to look into joining, which means we will get to add a few more items to the old schedule. 

Here's to a great year in 3rd, 6th and 9th grade!

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