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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Elizabeth Grace

She's HERE! 

My niece, Elizabeth Grace arrived safely on Saturday August 18th. That's 8.18.18! If there ever was a pregnancy that seemed never ending it was this one, but little "Ellie" was worth all the wait. She's a little doll baby! She weighed in a 6.8 lbs and was 20-3/4" long. 

As you all can imagine and understand there was a quite a bit of anxiety leading up to baby day. It was such a sweet relief to hear Ellie was here and healthy and that everything went smoothly with the surgery. Thank you God for a smooth baby day. 

Now let's get to the real reason you are all reading this post...the pictures!! 


 Look at this beautiful momma!!




 This girl has long and dainty fingers. 

 I caught some smiles while she was dreaming! 

Isn't she great? We are all so in love. 

Y'all. I am just so excited that we have two little babies to love on in the family now. We get the best of both worlds...a boy and a girl. 
Who would have ever thought my brothers would be having babies at the same time? I guess they wanted to wait until my kids were old enough to babysit. I will warn you now that future posts will probably be niece and nephew heavy! Something tells me you guys won't mind though. 

Oh and don't worry...I'll still post lots of soccer pictures. Hahahaha! 

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