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Friday, August 3, 2018

First Day of School 2018!

The dreaded day arrived...

First day of school. 
A rainy first day of school no less. 

Summer went by way too fast as usual, but we are ready to get this school year started so we can start the countdown to: 
Fall break, Thanksgiving break, Christmas break, Winter break, Spring break and then finally Summer vacation 2019. 

Once again I have a kiddo in all 3 schools. Bryce is in 4th grade this year. Jordyn is in 7th grade. Sydney is a Sophomore . Oh and for those that don't know, Bryan is no longer teaching in Cobb County. He moved to Cherokee County (the county we live in) so our family is finally all on the same break schedule. Woohoo! To top it off, Bryan is teaching at the same school Jordyn goes too!



 My goofy girls be silly together. Love their sense off humor. 

Praying all the kids and teachers have a wonderful year! 

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