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Sunday, April 28, 2019

All of the Spring Stuff.

I've had "update the blog" on my to-do list for at least 2 weeks now, but I haven't had the time to sit and write. It has been slightly hectic around here, which is the norm for this time of year. Here I find myself on a Sunday with only one afternoon soccer game so it seems like a great time to knock some items off my to-do list.

The last post I made was way back in March when regular soccer season was just underway and we also celebrated Jay's birthday. Fast forward 6 or 7 weeks and regular soccer season is still going pretty strong although the "slow down" is in sight. Sort of. 

Sydney's high school season is over. Unfortunately the girls didn't make it to the playoffs this year. I have a love/hate relationship with high school soccer. I love watching Sydney play and that's about the only thing I enjoy about it. I didn't get to as many games as I would have liked to because of schedules overlapping with everyone. I ended up missing the last 2 games of the season although Bryan was able to make it to the very last game. As I was leaving practice with Bryce, Bryan calls to tell me that Sydney scored. Of course she scores when I am not there. And while I'm on the phone with Bryan he is yelling..."she just scored again"!  At least I was on the phone to hear about it! In the last 2 games she scored 3 goals so that was a nice way to finish up the season for her. Sydney is back at it with her club team as thy are prepping for the State Cup at the end of May. (A few of the below photos I didn't take. Thankfully another mom takes photos so I have shots from games I couldn't make it to).


As of this moment Jordyn's team has 3 games left in their regular season and currently they are sitting in the top spot! Heck yeah! The last 3 games will be pretty tough, but I think these girls can do it and earn their move up to Athena A for the fall season. Jordyn has gotten credit for 3 goals this season. One I told you about in the last post, but the other two have come in the same form...off corner kicks. Both times her perfectly placed ball was kicked into the goal by the other team. Stinks for them, but gives Jordyn the goal credit. Nice! Jordyn's team is heading to Destin May 17, 18 and 19th for a tournament. Just so happens that this is the same weekend as Atlanta Great Strides so for the 3rd year in a row we will miss the walk. Darn! I'm still planning on fundraising so look for the link to our walk page at the end of this post.

 I love that they pray before each game. 

 It was raining here...and it was cold. Blah. 

 This girl needed to simmer down. 

 Corner kick...

 and score. Success! 

Bryce's season hasn't been great for several reasons, but thankfully they have actually gotten to play some games the past couple weeks now that we have had a reprieve from all the rain. The boys lose most of their games, but they have improved so that's the take away. There were many seasons the girls had more losses than wins, but the switch to winning verses losses came when it really started to matter so that's really the end game. There are now several boys on the team that like to play keeper so Bryce has A. had some competition and B. gotten the oppportunity to play on the field more, which he really likes. Since Bryce has spent so much time in goal the past several years he is a little behind when it comes to field skills so the fact he is getting more time on the field has been a positive. He plays half the game in goal and half on the field. His regular season games finished up this weekend so now we look forward to the end of season tournament in Chattanooga next weeekend. I decided to forego the hotel and make the drive back and forth. We will see how fast it takes for me to regret the decision, but with Jordyn playing in Destin and soccer tuition coming in July I need to cut corners where I can. I feel like we are bleeding money these days! 


  Making a run...

 Keep going...

 He SCORED!!! Look at that smile. 

 He wasn't excited or anything. haha!


 He doesn't love the ref's call. 


Some of you may or may not know this, but the girls have the opportunity to play soccer in Italy next spring break. This would be an amazing experience for them, but it's very expensive. We are going to try, with a lot of emphasis on the TRY to get them to Italy, but there is still a chance we can't pull this off financially. We told the girls if they want to go they will have to come up with a chunk of the money themselves so they have been getting some ref time in when they can. Unfortunately there have been so many rainy weekends many off the games they were assigned have been cancelled. Up until recently both girls have only been sideline refs, which we call AR...or line judge. Both girls finally got to center their first games and they did great. I forgot to take a picture of Jordyn centering because I was playing protective mama bear with a group of rec dad coaches. THREE coaches for a single u10 rec team. Overkill. They were VERY obnoxious so I decided to stay for the whole game in case she needed back up (hahahaha), but Jordyn handled the situation really well. 

 Jordyn is the AR here. She was actually one of the ARs for Sydney's first centering game. 

This is Sydney centering a u12 Academy game. Making that money! 

I know you guys probably get tired of my soccer posts so let's switch it up to a few cute pictures of Ellie. Then I'll move on to our Easter celebration! The weather has finally started to cooperate so Ellie and I have been able to get outside for some sun. We had ourselves a little sunny photo shoot not too long ago, which I probably enjoyed far more than she did. 


GAH...cute right?! 

As usual we headed to Easter service on Saturday. It was freezing that day so I decided to skip the usual family photo and save it until Easter Sunday because the weather was much better. We had a slow paced Easter morning and then had the family over for lunch. It was such a nice afternoon! We ate and then enjoyed sitting outside while the kids played. We also celebrated James's upcoming 1st birthday. Yes, you read that correctly, the little guy will be ONE on April 29th. James wasn't feeling very good so his smiles were not as abundant as usual, but he still managed to enjoy his cake. 

 Ezra getting changed by the car. 




 My best girls. 


You made it. Sorry for my long post, but you are all caught up! 

And also as promised for those of you who made it to the end of this post is the link to our Great Strides fundraising page. If you feel lead, please feel free to support our cause. I know we can't be at the walk, but we still want to support the CFF and raise funds for them as virtual walkers. 
We won't ever stop doing fundraissing until CF stands for CURE FOUND!! 

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