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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Freshman Friday.


The first Friday of the first week of school at Etowah has been dubbed "Freshman Friday". This is a tradition apparently; however, there are rules about actually going after the Freshman so please know that no Freshman were hurt during said event!

Since Sydney is a Senior this year and little sister Jordyn is a Freshman, Sydney was really into it. Sydney and Morgan (the bestie, who's little sister Lexi, is also a Freshman) decided to plan a little prank on their Freshman sisters and friend who they think of as another little sister.

Here's how it went down in photos...

Katie, Lexi and Jordyn. 

Syd and Morgan sneaking up behind...

Here comes the silly string! 


Seniors and Freshmen. 

 Wishing these two a wonderful Senior year!

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