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Sunday, January 3, 2021

Christmas Festivities 2020

Our Christmas celebrations start on Christmas Eve. My family comes over and we have a big breakfast for dinner. This year we were missing Jay, Alix and James since they went to Florida to see Alix's family. Christmas Eve is one of my most favorite family get togethers of the year. The evening always includes lots of laughs. 

What Christmas movie are Joey and Katie recreating here? 

Next up was Christmas morning. Long gone are the days where the kids wake up at the crack of dawn. I ended up waking everyone up to get the party started. 

Bryce got a harmonica in his stocking. I thought it would be good for working his lungs. It has turned out to be one of his favorite things. He plays it often...especially on the vest in the morning. This of course doesn't go over well with the girls. Makes me giggle every morning. 

They were genuinely surprised by their Apple Watches.  

I promise he didn't drop me. We were laughing so hard he gently put me down. 

A case of the sillies. Bryan was trying to "pants me". 

No jumping again for Sydney this year!

After our family morning of Christmas fun we headed over to my Aunt Carole's house for a yummy lunch. (Carole is my dad's sister). Every year I fail to take a family photo so this year I made it a point to take one this year. 

Ellie was saying "Amen"!

From my Aunt's house we headed over Bryan's parent's house for dinner.

Bryan and his mom. 

Christmas was delightful. 
A long day, but a great day being able to see and celebrate our family.

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