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Thursday, July 29, 2021

Senior Walk!


Cherokee County has a special tradition each year where the graduating Seniors go back to the elementary schools they attended for the "Senior Walk". The Seniors walk the halls of their elementary school wearing their cap and gown along with a shirt of whatever college they will be attending. While the Seniors walk the halls of the school the elementary kids line the halls to clap and cheer for the graduating Seniors. This is so much fun for not only all the kids, but for the teachers as well. Some of the Seniors even bring flowers to hand out to their favorite teachers. 

Due to COVID we weren't even sure if the kids were going to have the chance to participate in this tradition, but thankfully it was announced a few weeks prior that they were going to let the Seniors walk, BUT parents weren't allowed to come watch. Boo! Although this news was a bummer for the crazy photo taking mom; I was happy the kids were getting to do the walk. 

Sydney went to elementary school with the twins so that was a fun event for them to do together. After the walks Syd and her friend crew met at our house for lunch and a group photo. Victoria, Olivia and Hannah are all going to Kennesaw (KSU) while Sydney and Morgan are heading to North Georgia (UNG). 

Senior Walk with The Twinkies at Boston Elementary. 

Sydney visited the Boston playground while she was there. 

College bound friends!

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