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Friday, August 6, 2021

The Last 13th Birthday!


We are now an officially all teenager household. Bryce celebrated his 13th birthday, which is hard for me to believe. Once upon a time I couldn't believe I had 3 kids age 5 and under and now those 3 kids are all teenagers. CRAZY! 

I would love to tell y'all we had a big 13th birthday celebration, but in all honesty Bryce's 13th didn't pan out as great as I hoped. Our plan was to take him and some friends to White Water. We did go to White Water, but only 3 friends were able to make it. There were a lot of people on vacation the day of his birthday. I also forgot to take a photo of Bryce and his friends while at White Water so I dropped the ball there. White Water turned out to be a bust too. Less than half of the rides in the park were up and running, which was a huge disappointment. On top of that they were still letting in the same amount of people so the line to ride the few things that were open were crazy long...like wait times of more than an hour. The boys rode maybe 3 things and then asked to leave because they were bored! 

With that request we headed back home so Bryce could open his gifts. At our house when you turn 13 you get 13 presents. The celebration part of the birthday was on the lame side, but the present part was VERY exciting so that made up for it. We finished his day off with a hibachi dinner at Kani House and a double layer cookie cake at home. 

Gift 1: $13.00

Gift 2: Another speed cube to add to his collection. 

Gift 3: A Klitch - cleat holder that he attaches to his soccer bag. Any sport parents out there need this so you don't have to keep stinky cleats in your sports bag. 

Gift 4: New keeper gloves! Bryce loves Westcoast Gloves. We go through several pairs a year, but compared to other brands these hold up the best by far.  

Gift 5: New arm pillow for vest time. 

Gift 6: A growing boy can never have enough T-shirts!

Gift 7: A Westcoast Goalkeeping hoodie. 

Gift 8: Alarm clock. He can wake himself up for school. 

Gift 9: Another pair of keeper gloves. You got to have a back up pair!

Gift 10: Crocs to wear before and after soccer games. 

Gift 11: A box of candy for the kid with the biggest sweet tooth. 

Gift 12: A mini keeper glove keychain for his soccer bag. 

Last but not least...Gift 13. Enjoy the series of photos and excitement. 

The boy finally got a phone. He was probably the last of his teammates and friends to get one so he was thrilled and very surprised. 

He best bud...Lance. We love this kid!

Happy 13th Birthday Bryce!

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