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Friday, June 24, 2022

March Soccer, Sorority and Friends.

I'm cheating and putting the rest of March in one massive post. 

March was full of a whole lot of soccer. Bryce had Spring season games. Unfortunately during the second game of the season Bryce ended up breaking his big toe while going in for a save. It actually wasn't his toe, but the bone in the foot that the toe connects to. It's easier to say a broken toe though. He ended up being in a boot for 3 weeks while it healed. Thankfully it wasn't a major injury so by the end of the month he was back in the goal doing his thing. 


Sidelined with his boot. 

Jordyn was busy with her Etowah high school team. They had 7 games during March, which is a lot. Jordyn played some in her usual right back defense position and she also got some time playing up top and on the wing. I love seeing her play the right wing...she's fast and has a killer cross so it's a good position fit for her. I just love watching my girl play soccer and the fact she gets to play with her bestie, Lexie, it makes it that much sweeter. 
Jordyn and her bestie...Lexie!

This is Jordyn up against one of her club teammates. They were MOVING! 

Obviously super into his sister's game. 

Another game, another club teammate. They were making each other laugh the whole game.

Jordyn with the Etowah soccer team. They went camping, horse-back riding and to an obstacle course. 

So...while Bryce and Jordyn had lots of soccer going on, Sydney was busy with sorority events. She did intramural soccer too, but I don't have any photos of that to share. 

Decades Night - she went with the 70's!

Big fundraiser for KD - Run Dahlonega. 

And last, but not least I got to visit with my dear friend Casey one morning. It's been way too long since we saw each other. It was so nice getting to catch up with her and what's going on with her crew. 

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