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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Bryce is 14!!


Our Boy Baby is now 14. 

My tiniest baby now towers over me. He's very much in the middle school teenage boy phase of life. He grumbles. He likes to wear hoodies even when it's a million degrees outside. He doesn't like for me to call him cute names or remotely try to touch in public. BUT every so often I can bribe him for a hug in the privacy of our home. He loves his sisters and also loves to annoy them. He is the BEST and I mean the best big cousin. Every single on of his little cousins adore him. He regularly drives me nuts, but knows that if he flashes his perfect smile I get over whatever he is doing that is driving me nuts. He's such a character and we love him for it. 

I didn't plan very well for his birthday this year. Thankfully this child is super chill about that type stuff so he was very understanding with my lack of planning. On his birthday we went bowling (minus Sydney because she was working). He picked Izumi for dinner so he could get all the sushi. After dinner all the grandparents met us at the house for some cake and gifts. 

This was probably his favorite gift if you can believe it. His sisters gave it to him. 

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