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Sunday, August 14, 2022

Sydney's 19th Birthday!


On our 3rd day in the parks Sydney celebrated her 19th birthday. Not a bad way to spend a birthday! Sydney is easy to celebrate. We thinks she is simply amazing. I can't believe our oldest baby is 19...the last year of her teens and heading into her Sophomore year of college. 

For her birthday Syd had a few things she wanted to do while in the parks. Take photos in the cute outfit she picked for the day and she wanted a birthday treat from Ghirardelli. We made sure those things happened and tossed in a Disneyland sweatshirt she had been eyeing since we arrived. 

A picture of Jordyn taking a picture of Sydney. 

Her requested birthday treat. Yum!

Once the sun started setting the birthday sweatshirt came in handy. It is chilly there once the sun sets. I wanted so badly to swipe her sweatshirt because I was freezing! 

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