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Tuesday, January 24, 2023

A Post About ALL the Fall Soccer!


Here are photos from the entire Fall season of soccer for Bryce and Jordyn. I have hundreds of photos so I will do my best to keep the photos to a minimum, but really I can't promise. Ha! 

A little background on the season: 

Bryce moved to a new club this year. He is now playing for Nasa TopHat (NTH). It was time to make a club move for his sake and it has been a great decision on our part. Bryce ended up making two different teams at NTH. We let him pick the team he wanted to play on and I think he made a great choice. The boys on the team accepted him right away. You would have thought he had been playing with them for years. Not only is he on a new team he also has a new jersey number. Since the start he has always been #7, but with the new team he went with #18. Sydney use to wear the #18 so it's cool he wears his sister's number. 

Jordyn is still playing at Impact and plays on the 04 NL team. Her team was a mix of 04s, 05s, 06s and a few 07s this year. They were also a mix of skill level. With that said the team did better than I expected and they got stronger as the season went on. They even made it to the State Cup final in December...they lost in a tough 0 to 1 loss. To round out the season (in December) Jordyn played on an 04 NL PRO team (another team mixed of ages) and they attended a college showcase in Orlando, which was a fun trip for Jordyn and I. 

Look! Bryce even got some field time for his new team. My boy is FAST!

Getting ready for a left foot strike (she's right foot dominate).


The ball is up and over the keeper...

And into the back of the net it goes!! GOOOOAAAAALLLLLL!

Nice strike Jordyn!
Usually Jordyn is a defender, but this season she played equal time on defense and up top. She looks good on the wing. I think it's a good position for her because she is fast and has a mean cross. 


Line up for State Cup Final

NL PRO Series College Showcase in Orlando at the ESPN Wide World of Sports complex. 

After one of Jordyn's early games in Orlando we took the opportunity to go to Hollywood Studios. Of course we could resist going to visit one of the parks!

Another day we headed to Disney Springs to walk around before dinner. We didn't stay too long because it was ridiculously crowded. 

And that's a wrap on our 2022 Fall soccer season. Practices started way back in July and the season ran all the way until the second weekend in December for both kids. They got the rest of December off (other than Middle School soccer for Bryce) and by January they were back at it again. Bryce finished up middle school soccer and started practicing with his club team again while Jordyn had Etowah high school tryouts. Rarely any down time!

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