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Wednesday, October 25, 2023

End of School Stuff


The best part of May is that fact that school comes to a close. Lots of end of the year ceremonies to attend and then...finally the last day of school. Jordyn completed her Junior year and Bryce finished 8th grade, which means that the Jones family is out of the middle school business! 

Jordyn received the Georgia Certificate of Merit award. This award goes to the students who are in the top 5% of their class. We did the math and found out that Jordyn is actually in the top 3% of her class! 
Jordyn with some of her smarty pants friends who also received the award. 

HOSA award night. I wasn't able to attend this event so I was happy that a friend sent me photos from the night!

Last day of 8th grade!

Last day of Junior year!

Bryce and friends doing the Eagle Walk. A fun tradition for the 8th grade class. They walk from Booth over to Etowah to officially welcome them to high school! 

Big sisters came to watch their 8th grade siblings. 

My boy baby...he loves it when I show him affection in public. See the joy on his face!

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