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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Spring Break Happenings...


Well...Spring Break has come and gone, but not without some fun. Even though the weather wasn't exactly what you would call Spring-like weather we still had a fabulous time. Our week went a little something like this...

Monday: It was FREEZING cold outside so we spent the day snuggled up in the house. We watched a movie and did a little cleaning. We had a clean house for an entire day...amazing!

Tuesday: The temp was still very cold outside so we headed out to see a movie. We saw Monsters vs Aliens. The girls loved it. Bryan and I thought it was a cute movie, but decided from now on to wait until movies come out on DVD. We can buy a DVD and watch it over and over for much less than the cost of taking a family of four to a matinee movie!

Wednesday: We got the kids dressed to run a few errands and decided to go to the zoo instead once we got outside. The weather was finally warm enough to actually spend some time outside. The girls enjoyed the zoo and I think Bryce just enjoyed the fact he was outside. We ended up buying a family pass for the year (a great deal) so we plan on making more trips to the zoo soon. Jordyn's favorite part of the zoo was seeing the zebra. Sydney said she liked the kangaroos, but we never made it over to see the kangaroos. ;)

Flamingos are the first thing you see when you walk into the zo
o. This gorilla got "back". Sydney said, "Eww...I can see it's bottom".

ing and lounging...

ittle Lionesses - Roar!

Bryce being a happy chill boy as usual. Jordyn kicked it in the car...straw in mouth and all.

Thursday: Finally we had some beautiful Spring weather. To celebrate we enjoyed most of the day playing outside. The girls also created some beautiful paintings. I think their masterpieces are awesome and will make a great addition to the walls in the playroom.

The Artists

Friday: Chalk another Spring Break day up to rain. No worries though - we made Easter egg shaped Rice Krispy treats as shown in the commercial. What the commercial doesn't show you is how messy this activity is! Sydney really go into the decoration of the eggs, but Jordyn wasn't as interested. She decorated one egg, got messy hands in the process and decided she would rather play with her toys. Jordyn is never one to get messy. :) Sydney's eggs looked good and tasted even better. Yum!

Bon Apetite'

Saturday: Saturday was another chilly and WINDY day, but we ventured out anyway. We took the girls to Jordyn's preschool for an Easter egg hunt. The hunt was great because they divided it up by age and it wasn't crowded at all. The girls had a blast getting eggs and both filled up their buckets to the top. Jordyn even shared some of her eggs with a little girl who didn't have any. A proud parenting moment!

And their off! A little celebratory hugging after the hunts.

Saturday evening we headed off to church. We really enjoy the Saturday evening service...it's not as crowded and it's less stress on us getting there. Plus it gives us an open Easter morning to do baskets and get ready for lunch out with the family.

The Jones Family ~ Easter 2009

As you can see we had a fun filled week. We ended it with a wonderful Easter Sunday.Photos from our Easter coming tomorrow. I am off to bed...back to the grind tomorrow!

Hugs to all.

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