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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Little Miss "E"!!

This past Friday was a big day at school for Sydney. The Kindergarten kids got to participate in the Letter Person Parade. Sydney was assigned to dress up as Miss "E"! Miss E like to exercise so Sydney's outfit was workout themed. After all the letters recited their poems on stage for the parents they sang us some wonderful songs. Hear part of one of the songs below.

After the kids sang songs they had a Letter Person parade around the school. The kids went up and down every hallway in the school showing off their outfits! To make the day even better, after the parade the Kindergartners got to have a beach party outside! They all brought bathing suites and did all sorts of fun activities. Needless to say, Sydney was pooped out by the time she got home.

There is only one more week of school!! We are really looking forward to summer break.

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