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Monday, July 20, 2009

Sliding with the Grundy's

So our neighbors Ivan and Amy installed a super fun twisty slide in their backyard coming off their deck. (As you can see, Ivan is very handy!). The kids had a fun filled day sliding down the slide into a pool. We even hooked the hose up to it for a while to make a water slide. Sydney, Jordyn and Aidan had a blast. Watch the video below for some live action fun. Wee!!!

Shots of Syd and Aidan sliding.

A shot of the little torpedo - Jordyn would fly through the slide. She is the perfect size! And as you can see she sat down to take a rest and ended up falling asleep. They wore themselves out.

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The Morris Family said...

That is awesome! Brian has been wanting to put a slide off of our deck. I can't believe somebody else had the same (crazy) idea!