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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Super Date Night!

This past Friday, Bryan and I had the opportunity to have what we called Super Date Night! Last volleyball season, Bryan's team gave us a wonderful gift and we FINALLY found the perfect time to use it. We started out with dinner at Stoney River. Bryan and I had never been there and I must say it was delicious. Our waitress even brought us a free dessert to celebrate our Super Date Night. From there we headed down to Whole World Theater to see Uncle Andy perform. If you have never been to Whole World you must check it out. It's an improv comedy club. The show was hilarious. The funniest one I have seen yet. (Nice job AJ!!) After the show Bryan and I headed to the Sheraton. It was nice not having to do our nightly routine with the kids. I love my kids, but having one night off was fabulous. On Saturday we woke up and had a lovely breakfast at the hotel and then headed to Spa Sydel for a couples massage. See why we called it Super Date Night! Thanks Pope Volley Ball team for such a lovely gift.

Andy belting out a song during one of the skits.

Lindsay and Joerry (her fiance') joined us at Whole World for the show.

Even my little brother joined us for the show.

Bryan and Andy after the show. Silly boys!

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