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Monday, December 14, 2009

6 Year Old Logic

I had Sydney with me tonight while running a few errands. It's very foggy out while we are driving around. As I was driving I commented on how I needed to slow down because I could not see too far in front of me. Sydney asked, "Why doesn't God make the fog go away". I answered, "Well...I'm sure he could if he wanted to, but I guess the fog is here tonight for a reason". She then says, "Maybe the fog is practice". I say, "Practice? Practice for what?". She then explains, "You know, practice for if a storm comes and you have to drive in it. Driving in this fog is practice for driving in bad storms when you can't see". 

I really think she made a very valid point. :) 

What I wouldn't give to listen to the thoughts that go through my kids heads all day.

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