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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Check out this website...

So - there is a new website called www.cysticlife.com that I am pretty much addicted too. It's almost like a Facebook site, but for the CF community (CFer's, parents, friends, family, supporters, etc). I have been on this site every night since I joined reading blogs, meeting other CF parents and CFer's. Anyone can join the site so I highly recommend doing so. I think you will enjoy reading the blogs posted and hearing other's struggles, joys, questions, etc. SO INFORMATIVE!!

In all the reading I have done on this site I am reminded each and every time how fortunate Bryce has been thus far. There are little Cysters (girls) and Fibros (boys) that have not had as smooth a journey as Bryce. All the more reason to bring more attention to this disease so we can collectively gain more recognition and support to get us ALL closer to a cure. So - go check out this site. Join it and share it with others!

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