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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

1st Day of Cipro and Tobi

Well...we completed our first day with the new meds to treat the Psuedo. I don't know if it's the meds or what, but Bryce has been coughing allot today...thick stuff. I've never really heard him do this before so that's why I think the medicine may be adding to it. He spit up a few times this morning after the first round of meds and then again this evening after the meds. Anyone out there know if this is normal? Is this in part to the new meds? 

At any rate today went much smoother than I expected. Bryce did fight on the Tobi breathing treatment, but not as bad or as much as I thought. At first he was content sitting and watching his cartoon, but then he figured out that he had the mask on. I ended up having to sit him in my lap to finish the treatment. Tonight went much better with only a little fussing. Thank goodness for the Mickey Mouse Club House! He is mesmerized by that show.

Here's a photo of Bryce doing his Tobi treatment this morning. We did the treatment after his vest session and as you can see I kept him in his vest because I knew this would get him from trying to get up and run off. ;)

One day down - 27 more to go!

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Anonymous said...

My name is Kim and I am a 25 y/o from MN with CF. I was googling the effects of taking TOBI and Cipro together and your blog popped up! I think it was meant to be that I read your family story! If you ever have any questions are just want to talk my email is kgerlach08@yahoo.com and I will be happy to tell you my CF story :)