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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

CF Skate Night

Our CF Skate Night fundraiser came and went yesterday and was a success! Thank you to everyone who came out to skate with us and support the cause. Hot Wheels gave us $1.00 for each paid admission - we ended up getting $126.00 in paid admissions and then another $124.00 in donations which left us with a total of $250.00!! (I think there were some checks written too, but my mom has them so our total might be a bit more).

For all of those who came out we appreciate you so much. Some of you that came we haven't seen in YEARS so it was great to catch up. We will definitely do this as a fundraiser again next year. Maybe I can switch it to a Saturday night so we can get more people to come skate with us.

THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. Your support and donations do make a difference in the lives of not only Bryce, but 30,000 other CFers across the US. Sadly we loose a CF patient daily so Bryan and I won't stop raising money for research until we get that miracle drug or cure to help these people out. There are some really promising medicines in the testing phase currently that we are very excited about.

Now - I have to have my mommy moment and talk about my kids! As you know Sydney picked up the skating quickly the last time she went. Well... Jordyn AND Bryce have picked it up as well. Now I am convinced it's in their blood. :) I can't get over how well Bryce did. He LOVED it and was not happy with us when we took his skates off to leave. I had to buckle him in his stroller just to contain him. Sydney was also reluctant to take her skates off. Her little cheeks were so pink. I think Hot Wheels is going to be seeing allot more of the Jones family!

Here is our little man busting a move. He even does the Hot Dog Dance at the end.

Here is Jordyn skating with her daddy. This was the first time Jordyn has actually skated around on the floor. Usually she puts her skates on and cries. Go Jordyn!!!

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