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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sydney's Sweet Tooth Shop

Sydney, along with the entire first grade class as Davis Elem. participated in "Market Day". The kids had to come up with a good or service to sell to the other first graders. The kids had to make a poster or booth to market their goods and set the price for their goods. The kids earned tickets (money) for good behavior and class participation. This was a great lesson in supply and demand as well as other business skills.

Sydney decided to do chocolate covered goodies. She made (with a little help) chocolate covered gummie bears, chocolate covered pretzels and chocolate covered rice krispy treats. She put all of her goodies in little bags tied with ribbons. We even chose an outfit to match the colors of her business...of course! The chocolate covered gummie bears turned out to be her best seller.

Best part of this project...

She didn't sell all of her product and came home with extras! Yummy!

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