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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Boys Love Fire Trucks!

Our neighborhood had a HOA get together last weekend. The Cherokee Fire Dept in our area agreed to stop by the get together. I'm so happy they came by because the kids loved it. All the kids were fascinated by the truck and the fire fighters...especially a certain little boy named Bryce. He LOVED the fire truck. The kids were allowed to walk around the cabin and push buttons and all that stuff so needless to say Bryce was in heaven. We had a hard time getting him out of the truck to give other kids a turn. I jokingly asked the fire fighters if they could leave the truck at my house to keep Bryce entertained. They did say I could bring him up to the fire house for a tour and to look around. I think I will definitely take them up on the offer because Bryce enjoyed it so much.

Just getting into the truck...checking things out.

Mr. Firefighter showing Bryce the cool stuff in the truck.

The look on his face says allot.."Really! I can push the buttons and make a loud noise?!"

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