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Saturday, June 5, 2010

How Did I Forget?!

So I'm going through our pictures from May and realized I never posted about an important event...

Jordyn got her ears pierced!!! We took a trip to the mall to exchange something and she randomly says she wants to get her ears pierced. I explained (as well as Sydney, many times over) that it will hurt a little and she said she was ok with that. Jordyn is allot of cute and allot of DRAMA so I wanted to make sure she knew it would hurt a little. I wanted her to have a heads up about it because she has been known to have major meltdowns.

Well...there were just a few tears that quickly dried up after she saw her pretty ears!

Getting prepped. Maybe a little nervous...she had a death grip on my hand.

Ouchi...that hurts a little.

On to the other ear. She knew what was coming this time. The face is worse than her actual reaction.

You can see her thinking that it hurts a little, but not bad enough for a full out cry. ;)

All finished! She likes them...and the fact we promised her a cookie. ;)

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