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Sunday, July 11, 2010

50 Days of Summer: Day 21

Jordyn was invited to a birthday party at an indoor jumpy place called Jumptoons over the weekend. She had a fabulous time...and so did mommy. ;)

Jordyn with birthday girl Olivia. Birthday boy Pearson (twins!) not shown. He was more interested in the video games. ;)
Taking a rest...
About to slide with mommy. Good Times.

Speaking of Jordyn - After her shower tonight I was cleaning out her ears. Usually when I clean out the kids ears I tell them I find animals in there. My mom did this to me when I was little and I remembered thinking it was pretty cool so I do it with my kids. Anyway - after I "pulled" a zebra, gorilla, and lion out I went back in one last time and found a fox. Jordyn says, "A fox! Like the TV show!" Apparently all the Fox News we watch at home is rubbing off on her. She's paying attention...smart girl. ;)

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