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Saturday, July 17, 2010

50 Days of Summer: Day 27

Well - our big girl has lost another tooth.
This is her 3rd tooth.My beautiful girl now has a huge hole up top right in front.

The tooth fairy made a visit and left her some super cool peace sign necklaces and a dollar bill.

Loose teeth make my stomach turn, but I had to put those feelings aside and "Mom Up" to pull this tooth last night. The tooth was literally hanging from the gum and I was afraid that she would swallow it in her sleep. I grabbed a wad of toilet paper, twisted a little from side to side and gave a little tug. Poof - no more tooth.

I almost cried as I looked at my Sydney. She instantly looked older. She instantly looked so different to me. All these milestones seem to happen faster and faster. I love her excitement of growing up, but it makes me a little sad to watch it all happen right before my eyes.
It's happening so quickly.

My prediction: By the time Sydney's fall school photos come around she will be missing BOTH front teeth as the other one is already pretty loose. I'm betting we get the classic no front teeth photo!

Right after the tooth came out. Giggles and Smiles.

Check it. No tooth yo!

Our pretty lady sporting her new peace sign necklaces from the Tooth Fairy.

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