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Friday, July 9, 2010

Flash Me Friday: Outdoor Space

This weeks "Flash" is of the outdoor areas of your home. Our house sits on the corner of a double cul-de-sac so our lot is an ice cream cone shape. Our backyard isn't very big, but it's perfect for our Boss. Our front yard is pretty large so we do most of our playing there, and since we are in a cul-de-sac the kids have plenty of room to ride bikes, scooters, cars, etc.

View from our back deck. We have a lovely patio that runs under the deck the length of the house. Since we live in a cul-de-sac we typically have a ton of kids that come out to play with us and sometimes it's nice to have just time with our family so we escape to the backyard.

We live next door to some of our best friends...the Grundy's. We knew the Grundy's before they moved in next door. They came over for pizza to see our house when we moved in and ended up buying the house next door! The Grundy's added this handy gate that connects our backyards so our kids can go from one house to the other with ease. We always have a great time with the Grundy's...and our kids get along great so hanging with them is a breeze.
The front yard. The kids have a blast running around in the front. Lots of room to play soccer or throw footballs or Frisbee or play chase with Boss. We used to have a huge island in the middle of the yard and just this past Spring we decided to sod the island in. We love the new look.
The island in front of the house got a face lift this past spring. It was just rocks and pine straw and very baron looking. After 5 years of having nothing in front of our house I'm happy to finally get something going. Bryan worked really hard on this and I think it looks great. I'm looking forward to seeing how it grows in for next spring.

Love sitting on the front porch at night with Bryan. It's also lovely to sit out here when we are having a summer thunder shower.

Yep...if you haven't guessed we are DAWG fans! Uga greets you as your pull in the driveway and the Super G greets you as you walk through the front door. Sick em...

I LOVE this tree. I think it is some sort of birch. When we first moved in the house it was so small and over the past 5 years it has really grown.

Since most of our pictures are from the pool I had to post where we spend so much of our time in the summer. This is my mom's house. I grew up in this house and I must say that now that I have my own kids I spend more time in the pool than I ever did growing up. I love that my kids love being there so much, which is great because it's FREE entertainment! I meant to take a nice photo today while we were there and I forgot. :/ This photo is from Sydney's recent birthday party.
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Jen said...

You have a very beautiful home!