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Thursday, July 22, 2010

He's TWO already?

Today we celebrate Bryce's 2nd birthday.
I say this about all my kids getting older, but I can't believe our baby...our little man is TWO years old. If you would have asked me 3 years ago if my life would include a third child I would have laughed. Little did we know that God had a special little person all lined up for us. Bryce has taught me over the last 2 years so much more than he will ever know.

On Bryce's day of birth we didn't know if what we were having a boy or a girl. The look of excitement on Bryan's face will NEVER leave my mind after they pulled Bryce out (C-Sec). I hear Dr. Street say, "Dad, do you want to tell mom what you have?" Just a few seconds later Bryan's face literally lights up as he does a fist pump, he looks at me and says, "IT'S A BOY!!!".
Every time I replay that moment in my head it makes me smile.

On the other hand I started crying. Ha! I was crying for two reasons:
1. I've always been a big crier at the birth of my kids. It's like a release. Maybe comes from not finding out the sex ahead of time.

2. I was literally thinking... Really? A boy? A penis?
What am I going to do with a stinky boy?
I have an attic FULL of girls clothes, blankets and Care Bears.
Now what?

Little did I know how this little guy was going to keep me on my toes and introduce me to a whole other world so different that little girls.
Little did I know how much I would LOVE it!

Bryce was so tiny. So skinny. He had the skinniest little legs I have ever seen. There was absolutely no meat on his legs what-so-ever. I even took pictures of his little bird legs. We thought nothing of these skinny little legs simply because all of my babies have been on the smaller side. We just figured he was the smallest of our newborns until we got THAT phone call.

The way we were told Bryce might have CF is a story in and of its self. Let's just say there was a major break in the communication line.
But at 3 weeks old sitting in the office with a Pulmonary Dr. and Nurse who came in to talk to us on their off day was a sign that he did indeed have CF.
I held my cool during the meeting. Nodding my head like I understood. Smiling. I think I just kept saying OK. I was blank. Bryan was so great. He was focused on what they were saying and asking questions and having them explain stuff. I literally sat there with an empty head. No thoughts other than to keep it together and not cry.

As soon as the meeting was over and we were alone in the room I completely fell apart. I lost it. I couldn't believe our sweet little baby was sick Why Bryce?
I even had those pity me selfish thoughts:
Why us? I don't want to have a sick child. I can't deal with this. I don't WANT to deal with this.

I cried all the way home...I mean cried hard. I was exhausted mentally by the time we got home. At the time my mom was out of work so she was around to help out. We walked in from the meeting and she already knew what we were told by looking at me. I don't remember saying a word.
I walked upstairs and took a nap.

Before I feel asleep I prayed. I simply asked God to help me deal and get through so I could be a good mom to Bryce. After a 2 hour nap I woke up and felt like a new person. All the pity me feelings were gone. My fears were put as ease...still there, but at ease. My thoughts were back to normal and not a jumbled mess.

A noticeable weight had been lifted. I felt totally at peace.

My attitude was completely different after that nap.
I was ready to take on CF and help Bryce anyway that was needed.

So. Here we are. Two years later and we have the most beautiful baby boy. Bryce has been blessed with 2 very healthy years of life. CF hasn't shown us it's ugly side as of yet. We have had a few minor colds and fevers...just like any other kiddo his age. We had one flare up of Pseudo that we treated aggressively and got rid of.
I thank God for every single day Bryce is given. I thank Him everyday for Bryce's continued good health and I pray daily that a cure or a miracle drug is found for Bryce and the entire CF community.

I could not imagine life without our sweet, energetic, sweaty, salty tasting, STINKY little boy.
Happy Birthday Bryce!
We love you!
Being all boy. Sweaty and stinky.
I love it.


Stacey said...

Happy Birthday to your little guy! I have a very similar post on my blog right now, as my son turns 4 today!


MHughes said...

Happy Birthday stud!! Congrats on two very healthy years, that is amazing!! Praying for many more years and birthdays to come!

Unknown said...

What a cute guy is was and is! Madeline's legs were very much the same- very SKINNY at birth. He looks great! Congrats on the good health and enjoy that birthday boy today!

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Bryce!!! You are such a cutie pie and I love all the pictures your mommy posts of you. I hope your birthday is wonderful!!!

Grundy said...
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Grundy said...

Happy Birthday Bryce! And good lord Jenny thanks for making me cry! You have a beautiful and special family. Love you all. Amy