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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dancing Days

Dance class is back in session. The girls were so excited to get back to dancing. Jordyn was thrilled to have her tiny little friend Ana in her class again. Jordyn's class is a tap and ballet combined class lasting 45 mins. Sydney is taking ballet, tap AND jazz this year. Now that she is in 2nd grade they don't combine the class into a tap and ballet class. It's all separate classes. When I asked her what classes she wanted to take she said she wanted to do all three. So now every Thursday we spend 2 hours and 45 mins at dance classes.

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Unknown said...

Love the pics! She is sooo adorable. Madeline LOVES To tap on a variety of floor surfaces already at 18 months. Cannot wait to enroll her in tap at 2 years old! You are a very dedicated mom to take on over 2 hours of dance..i am sure she is very grateful! :)