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Monday, September 20, 2010

Fall Break Fun: Part I

This year Cobb county schools are trying out a new school calendar. This new calendar includes several 1 week breaks throughout the year which result in a shorter summer. I'm not super excited about this new schedule because I like having a long summer to spend with my 4 favorite people. Now, with the first week break upon us I can honestly say I'm happy it's here. We needed a break from the hectic school schedule.
Yesterday morning while making breakfast Bryan asked, "What should we do today". I say, "I don't know". He says, "We could go to the GA Aquarium".
I say, "Let's go!".

Last minute plans...people this is huge for me. I do not like making last minute plans as I am an avid planner. We got our family of 5 ready to go within an hour and that included making lunches and packing the car. Not too shabby if you ask me!
Sydney carried the map and followed it the entire time. She read all the signs and exhibits. So very cool to see her soaking up the information posted around the aquarium. Jordyn would just copy everything Sydney said or did.

Bryce LOVED the aquarium. His favorite were the sharks. His least favorite were the jellyfish. He wouldn't stand close or touch the glass of that exhibit.

Our last visit to the aquarium 3 years ago was not very enjoyable. We had Jordyn in the stroller and the place was so packed it was hard to move from exhibit to exhibit. It costs an arm and a leg to get in that place so not being able to view the exhibits was very frustrating.

This trip was pleasantly perfect! We picked the right time to visit the aquarium. It was not crowded at all and this time around we opted for no stroller. (Bryce wouldn't have stayed in the stroller anyway.) The kids got to stand and look at all the exhibits without feeling like they were being pushed out of the way. Bryan and I didn't feel in a rush to keep moving so others could look too. Such an enjoyable day and I'm so glad we made the decision to go. My favorite part of our day was hearing Bryce say, "shhhark" and "big fish" and "more fish".

Sydney took this picture! Great job Sydney.

Wook...Shhhark up dare!
My boys.
I think that crab wants to eat Sydney.
Couldn't have posed this picture if I wanted to!!
Alice...the smaller of the Whale Sharks. HUGE!

Sydney was the only kiddo brave enough to touch the rays and sharks. Jordyn and Bryce were a little skittish.
Our beauties.

I love Jordyn's face here! I wish I had the camera rolling because her little head popped up into the view window and she says, "Ohhh!".

After we finished up at the aquarium we headed to my moms for some pool time. I thought Labor Day would be our last pool day, but since it's still in the 90's here in GA the pool was very refreshing. While the girls swam Bryce had a little nap.

And to top the day off all THREE kids went to spend the night with Honey and Papa!!
~ Thanks Honey and Papa! ~

Bryan and I are went to dinner together, which is always a nice treat. We actually get to talk to each other and not have to cut up some one's food or talk about princesses or race cars. We watched some of the Braves game while we ate and of course the conversation always floated back to our sweet kiddos.

We went to a little sports bar called Jersey's. It's about a mile and half from our house. We always split a huge plate of nachos...they are delicious.

A fabulous way to start of our fall break.
On today's agenda...house cleaning.
Not nearly as exciting, but it makes this mommy happy!!


Sk8tdance said...

Jenny - you are all just too cute!! Glad you had such a great day, enjoy the rest of the week!! Deb Smith

schoolofmom said...

Our experience at the GA aquarium was pretty similar to your first visit--except we were a big family group with *two* strollers, which made it even more challenging. I'm glad this time was so much more fun. Yay for fall breaks! Ours is coming up in October.

Gemma said...

Love the pictures! Looks like a great time was had by all :)

Your family is beautiful and those nachos look scrummy!!!

Take care and hope you continue to have as much fun this week.